Replace locks

We only work with certified locks

Have the lock replaced by a recognized technician?

You can have a lock replaced by a recognized lock specialist. Locksmith Amersfoort understands this like no other. After all, it is about the safety of your home and property. In addition to extensive experience, our locksmiths and locks experts also have a VOG statement. We only replace locks with SKG-certified locks in various grades. We have a large stock of locks for both windows and doors. Our accredited technicians are also available for keyed alike locks with certificate or for replacing and installing locks after a break-in. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3 Grades within SKG certified locks:

Locksmith Amersfoort only works with approved and certified locks. 1 SKG star locks are burglar resistant as standard. Locks with 2 SKG stars are heavily burglar-resistant, while locks with 3 SKG stars are extra-heavy burglary-resistant. Of course we are happy to provide you with professional advice. In this way you can always optimally protect your home and property.

1 SKG star

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Burglar resistant as standard

2 SKG stars

2-SKG-Sterren gecertificeerd

Heavy burglary resistant

3 SKG stars

3-SKG-Sterren gecertificeerd

Extra heavy burglary resistant

Locksmith Amersfoort has a large stock of locks

At Locksmith Amersfoort we have a large stock of locks. Examples are security fittings, rim locks and cylinder locks with SKG quality mark. Replacing locks therefore means delivering and installing directly from stock. We also supply mortise locks, side locks and window locks directly from stock. In this way, the security of your home does not have to be delayed. For example, if you need to replace locks after a home burglary, or if you have locked yourself out. Has the key broken off in the lock? Even then we can immediately provide your door with new locks. Not sure which lock you need? Our lock experts are happy to provide you with advice.

Opening all your locks with one key
Opening and closing doors with different locks can sometimes be annoying. Especially when keys are lost or damaged. In that case, having alike locks fitted is a great option. These safe locks can be used on all doors. Of course you only need one key for this. There are various types and brands of keyed locks. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice.
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Save on your premium with an insurer
If you choose SKG-certified locks from Amersfoort Locksmith, you can also benefit from an attractive discount from your insurer. For example, on the premium of your home contents insurance. Because a well-secured home is not only important for you, but also for your insurance company. We will of course be happy to provide you with the additional information you need.
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Need to replace a lock urgently?

It does not matter when you call us: we are available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and public holidays.

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