Locksmith Amersfoort

The lock specialist from Amersfoort and the surrounding area.

We score an average of:

based on 401 experiences

We score an average of:

based on 401 experiences

Locksmith Amersfoort

The Amersfoort locksmith team is available day and night to help you replace, open or secure your locks. Our professional locksmiths are available and available 24/7. We can be at your location within 20 minutes to open or repair a lock. We work with a large team of qualified specialists who know everything about locks and are aware of the latest developments. They are happy to advise you on the security of your home.


Urgent service


You can reach us day and night to have your locks replaced or opened. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 and available to help you.

Open locks

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Our locksmiths are on site within 20 minutes to help you open the lock. This is always done in a professional manner, without leaving any damage to the door.

Replace locks


Do your old locks need to be replaced? Or has your key broken off in the lock? We specialize in replacing locks.

Burglary protection


We are familiar with all types of burglary methods and we respond to this with the latest security techniques. We offer both anti-burglary products and the assembly service.

Core pulling protection


There are a number of types of core pulling protection that we can supply and install for you so that you are well protected against this form of burglary.

Install multi-point lock


If you would like to have a multi-point lock installed in your door, you can contact us 24/7. Our security specialist will be happy to provide you with all the information and answer all your questions.

Lock specialist Bob de Ruijter

With Bob de Ruijter, we at QuickBlue have a real lock specialist in-house. He has been with us since 2014 and has all the qualities to carry out work on locks properly and quickly. His specialty is the wide variety of locks he works with, such as rim locks, cylinder locks, pin locks and safety locks.

Bob de ruijter

Lock specialist

Locks expert Martijn van Dijk

Martijn is the expert when it comes to locks. Thanks to Locksmith Amersfoort 24-hour service, it is always there for you. It opens doors and locks, but also repairs damage in case of burglary.

Martijn van Dijk

Locks expert

Locksmith Brian Ommen

Brian Ommen is the experienced locksmith on our 24-hour service. Do you have a broken key or are you locked out? Brian helps you as a locksmith at locksmith Amersfoort immediately.

Brian Ommen


Emergency service in Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a large city, but urgent service means that someone has to be on site quickly. Locksmith Amersfoort guarantees this, because we work with several branches from which our locksmiths can reach you. There is always a branch near you, so you don’t have to wait long. Whether there has been a burglary, an attempted burglary, a defect or some other form of damage: it is resolved by us within a very short time. We are available 24 hours a day, so even if you are faced with an emergency at night, you do not have to wait long.

Available 24 hours a day

Locksmith Amersfoort grows every year with more locations and experienced locksmiths.

22 minutes

The average time when the locksmith is on site.

1470 satisfied customers

These customers were ahead of you this year
with a lockout or a locks repair.

Work area locksmith Amersfoort

Do you have problems with your locks? Then you can always count on Locksmith Amersfoort. We have offices throughout the Netherlands, so we can serve almost everyone. We go across the country to help people open, replace and protect locks. There is always a certified locksmith near you. In most cases we can be at your location within 20 minutes. You never have to wait long if you have problems with your locks. Almost 7000 people have preceded you.

When do you need a locksmith?

A locksmith will help you with problems with your key, locks, doors and you can call in for burglary damage and preventive burglary protection. When you are locked out, the locksmiths of Locksmith Amersfoort are at your location in Groot Amersfoort within 20 minutes.

It is wise to replace your locks when they are outdated and / or damaged. There is a big chance that it is easy to break in or that your lock will break at a time when it is absolutely not convenient. Prevent this by calling us in time!

The key may break while it is in the lock. In such a situation, our locksmiths will drill the lock out of the door and replace it with a new, SKG certified lock. Our employees work both quickly and professionally so that your door remains undamaged and they have left before you know it.

When you know that your neighborhood is often burgled, it is wise to take a critical look at your own home. You can also call Locksmith Amersfoort for advice. Our specialists are ready for you and, if desired, it is even possible to replace your locks immediately!

Very annoying but at the same time something that has happened to many of us, losing keys. You may be lucky enough to find them again, but for your peace of mind and your safety, getting your locks replaced as soon as possible is the most sensible choice.

It’s more common than you think, people who accidentally shut themselves out. Fortunately, we at Locksmith Amersfoort also know what to do with this problem. In most cases, our experts can still open the door with special tools. However, not every situation is the same, so our people will assess what is needed on the spot, but we can help you!

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