Burglary protection

Providing a home with the correct locks has up to 95% less chance of a successful burglary

Burglary protection Amersfoort

Burglary protection is especially important in large cities such as Amersfoort. The number of burglaries is still increasing sharply. This applies to detached houses, but also to new-build or terraced houses. Making and keeping your home burglar proof is therefore of the utmost importance. Especially when you know that occasional burglars can be successful in just 5 minutes. During the night, but also during the day. Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve the burglary security of your home. For example with high-quality hinges and locks with an SKG quality mark. Locksmith Amersfoort supplies SKG hinges and locks from stock. Our recognized locksmiths are happy to provide you with advice and professional installation.
bulgary protection

Improve burglary protection with hinges and locks

You can improve the burglary protection of your home with the right hinges and locks. For example for exterior doors, front doors and windows. Good hinges and locks are primarily provided with a quality mark. This means that the locks have been tested by an independent body and contribute to the burglary security of your home and property. Examples are security fittings with core pulling protection, multi-point locks or window locks. SKG pin locks, side locks, mortise locks and rim locks also fall under good hinges and locks or security fittings that contribute to burglary protection. Our experts will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote. This way you know exactly how you can improve the burglary security of your home with good hinges and locks.

Good burglary protection starts with good hinges and locks

Closing windows and doors is no longer enough when it comes to burglary prevention. Good burglary protection starts with having good hinges and locks installed. For example on the front door and back door and windows that are accessible from the outside. Protecting your home better against burglary is only possible with the best hinges and locks that have an SKG quality mark. Locksmith Amersfoort supplies high-quality hinges and locks for improving burglary protection directly from stock. Our experienced security experts are happy to come on site, after which we can immediately provide you with safe advice. Locksmith Amersfoort also ensures correct installation.

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